Book 1 of The Viceroy Chronicles

A Scurry of Squirrels

Meet Viceroy, the snarky little vampire dog that spins New York city’s supernatural world into a royal rumble of angels, reapers, vampires, a troll hunter, a witch, and a girl who dreams of a cake truck, in a funny, New York gothic phantasmagoria on Death, unlikely friendships, and a good cup of tea.

“Gracie, she’s certifiable. Dogs chase squirrels; that’s what they do. It doesn’t make him a vampire. The worst thing you’ll have to deal with is a hyperactive little guy in need of some exercise.” Bryan

When the supernatural world leaks into everyday life, particularly Gracie’s everyday life, no one is happy. Well, maybe except for Viceroy.

Meet the Characters


All Viceroy wants is to live happily ever after with Felix, Gracie, and Lucy. A steady supply of squirrels to drink would be great too, except squirrels are hard to come by in cities, and Felix, Gracie, and Lucy don’t live together. Yet.


All Gracie wants is to buy a cake truck and marry Bryan, her boyfriend, not necessarily in that order. Her family and friends have other ideas, however, and it’s darned hard to say no to your friends.


All Felix wants is to find a full-blood to turn and mentor him so he won’t have to get cold enough to wear wool anymore. Not only can’t he find a sponsor, but the vampire cartel also wants him dead, and so do a bunch of angels.


All Lucy wants is mortality because, after 400+ years, enough is enough. Her boss, Deathy, has offered her the golden ticket, but the task Lucy has to perform to get it is unthinkable.

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Meet the Author

I’ve been a private investigator (that was interesting), A heavy construction manager for in-ground pool installations, a research, and development baker, a corporate communications writer, an investor relations director, a graphic designer, a director of internet development, and the creator and manufacturer of Heal My Hands, a line of natural skincare products (shameless plug here). We’ve lived in a few places and traveled a bit; I got Zika in Cuba and broke my leg on a scuba boat off Saba. Yes, I’m clumsy—I’ve had to replace my iPad screen twice. All of this figures one way or another in my writing. Whether it’s for better or worse is a matter of opinion.

I have two fabulous daughters, three delightful grandchildren, an exceptionally supportive husband and muse who cooks like a four-star Michelin chef, and Suleiman, a Nothern New Mexican Purebred, the black variety. While I’ve been writing short stories for years, A Scurry of Squirrels is my first novel.

Claudia Brooke


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