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Indomitable Launch Day!

Okay, so technically, this happened yesterday, September 1, 2022, but it took me a few hours to come down out of the clouds and write the post. As of yesterday, Indomitable, Book 1 of The Viceroy Chronicles, was released into the wild. It is available on Amazon in ebook and paperback, with the hardcover edition […]

Welcome to The Viceroy Chronicles

Hi! You made it, and I’m so glad you did. I have many adventures planned for Viceroy, Gracie, Felix, and Lucy, and some exciting things planned for you too. Finalizing a manuscript means that scenes get cut. So many of the shenanigans the characters get up never to make it through the editing process. Those […]

How to Raise Trolls

Everyone thinks raising trolls is evil, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Raising trolls is an ancient, noble, and manly art that is no worse than the common practice of raising the dead. An army of trolls is, in fact, far more useful in battle than an army of zombies, particularly in times […]

A Bath in the Sink

Challenge Words: Sink, Worm, Strike The entire counter was covered with water and I was drenched. I hadn’t thought to spread towels because it never occured to me that a dog, particularly a dog of his size, could spray that much water so far. “Cut it out, you little creep! You’re soaking the entire kitchen.” […]



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